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81-year-old elderly woman can’t afford to retire until she meets young man who decides to help

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By the time of retirement, we all expect that things will go smoothly and there is nothing to do but to enjoy each day with the fruits of our labor.We all dream of being able to retire with nothing to worry about.We work hard today to reap the privileges tomorrow.We even worked harder so we could retire earlier, right?

But, what happens if you reach retirement age, and yet, there is nothing you can do but continue because there are so many debts to pay for?It may be a difficult situation to be in, but this is something that happens in real life.It is something that happened to one elderly woman named Nola Carpenter who was still working at Walmart at 81 years old.

The elderly woman decided to work continuously despite her age because of her mortgage obligations.
Nola was quietly spending her time in the breakroom of Walmart when someone saw her and filmed her as she sat by the table, silent and thinking to herself.

It was just a 15-second clip that Devan Bonagura took and decided to upload on his TikTok account.

It was a very short video, but it changed his life and most especially, Nola’s.
When Devan uploaded the clip on his TikTok account with the caption “Life shouldn’t b this hard…”, he did not expect that tons of people online would respond to his story.

People were moved by what the woman was experiencing and by her working untiringly despite her old age.

She is 81 years old and well past the age of retirement, and yet she continues to work for a purpose. She deserved to relax and Devan wanted everyone to see this.

After only 24 hours, the video clip was viewed over 30 million times!

Devan was inspired to create a GoFundMe page for Nola’s retirement fund because of the overwhelming response he got on TikTok.
On his page, he captioned it with “Let’s help Nola retire.”

The page received over $100,000 in donations in just 24 hours! The help that Nola received because of one person’s effort is such a big blessing to the elderly woman.

No matter how positive Devan’s intentions were, there were also negative repercussions that resulted from his action.
The man alleged that his employer, a third-party supplier of Walmart, suspended him because of his post.

“They’re getting a lot of backlash, so they told me I need to delete the video and delete the GoFundMe and return all the money to the people that donated it, or they’re going to get the cops involved,” he said. “So, I told them to do what you have to do because I’m getting this money to this woman one way or another.”

Devan did not regret his actions and was glad that he did it for the old woman.

He accepted the negative impact on him, as long as he got to help Nola retire.

At the time of this article’s writing, the GoFundMe page has already raised over $186,000.
This amount is something that would help Nola a lot and Devan is excited for the elderly woman and her finally retiring. She will now be able to pay off her mortgage obligations and have about $20,000 to spare.

When Devan showed up to give the donations to Nola, the woman was thankful beyond words. It was a moment of relief and joy and Devan knew everything he did was all worth it if it meant that the old woman would be able to relax just as she should.

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