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Devoted Son Cares for Adoptive Mom with Alzheimer’s – She Starts to Cry Remembering Who He Is

Often, heart-to-heart connections prove to be much more profound and phenomenal than blood ties. The same was true for an adoptive mother-son duo, who melted hearts and stirred a myriad of indescribable emotions with their lovely conversations. Here’s a look at their beautiful story.

TikTok user Turk Edwards has been creating ripples online with heartwarming videos featuring his beloved mother. With over 204k followers and more than 3.1 million likes on his content, Turk’s “TurkTok” has become a fan favorite because of the raw emotions and love his clips encapsulate.

His TikTok account is peppered with multiple clips of himself and his mother—which shows how much he cherished the human who devoted her life to him. His videos have garnered sheer love and appreciation from netizens, with one clip reaching millions of views.

A Lovely Exchange
One of his most viral videos of 2021, which amassed almost 7 million views, was where Turk conversed with his adoptive mother, who had Alzheimer’s. As she lay resting her head, looking at him, he helped clean her mouth and sweetly chimed in:

“I’m that little baby you took in and raised.”

Turk Edward's adoptive mom with Alzheimer's has an emotional breakdown while remembering him. | Source: Edward’s adoptive mom with Alzheimer’s has an emotional breakdown while remembering him. | Source:

Together for Good
When Turk’s mom asked him how old he was, he replied, “I was eight months old.” After hearing those words, she couldn’t keep her tears from falling, and upon seeing her emotional reaction, her son quickly added, “And now, here we are together.”

The sweet yet emotionally charged exchange wasn’t the only video featuring the mother-son duo.

Always Looking after Each Other
The elderly woman’s voice became weak with emotions as she said, “You waiting on me (sic).” Turk chose his words carefully, assuring his mom that they were meant to be together. He responded, “You took care of me, and now I take care of you. We have always been blessings to one another.”

Her pain was evident as she told her beloved boy, “Really? I just forget, you know.” Turk knew it wasn’t his mom’s fault that she could no longer remember people and things, so he proceeded with patience, care, and love—which his mom showed him years ago when she adopted him.

Turk Edward’s adoptive mom with Alzheimer’s has an emotional breakdown while remembering him. | Source:

Saving Him from a Rough Life
So, Turk told her it was okay, and she shouldn’t cry because he understood and was there to remind her every time she forgot. Then, she asked him about his birth mother, Brenda, whose name she couldn’t recall because of Alzheimer’s. As he told his mom he was hers forever, she said:

“You had a rough life.”

“No, I didn’t. I could have, but you made sure I didn’t have a rough life,” shared Turk, assuring his mother that she did him the biggest favor ever when she took him in. The sweet yet emotionally charged exchange wasn’t the only video featuring the mother-son duo.

Yours Forever
In another video, Turk’s mom told him he was a good boy, and taking the opportunity to compliment her, he added, “No, you raised me when you didn’t have to.” Then, she asked him how old he was when she took him in, and he answered:

“I was eight months old. I’ve been yours for 35 years.”

Nothing but Love
In the next half of the video, Turk declared his affection for his mother. “I love you,” he said, and his mom reciprocated his sweet confession. Not wanting the conversation to end, he retorted, “I think I love you more.”

As the conversation continued, his mom asked him how young she was when she adopted him. Turk told her she was 40 and had already raised his four siblings—her biological children—when she welcomed him into her heart and home.

Zero Regrets
When she mentioned again that Turk was a good kid, he said he considered himself fortunate because he had a good mother. Next, he asked her if she regretted taking him in after raising her children, and she told him she had no regrets. She stated:

“I’d have took another one in if I had to (sic).”

A Constant Reminder
The video’s highlight was when Turk said to his mom, “Have I told you today…..?” But before he could finish his sentence, his mom smiled and added, “That I love you.” It wasn’t hard to tell that Turk expressed his love to his sweet mother every now and then so that she never forgot.

In another one of his videos, Turk sat with his mother outside and declared his love to her—something he never got tired of doing every day. She flashed a bright smile and mentioned, “Ain’t it so lonesome when schools in (sic),” probably remembering when her boy was at school, and she missed him.

“But me and you are never lonesome because we’re always together (sic),” said Turk, and to his delight, his mother agreed. He captioned the clip, “I told my mommy I loved her every day, hundreds of times a day from sunrise to set…but sometimes, it was like that first time that day.”

Melting Hearts Online
The many heartwarming exchanges between Turk and his mom showed the essence of pure and unconditional love defying blood relationships. Several years ago, his mother had taken him in and accepted her as her own, giving her a better and renewed chance at life.

And years later, when she needed him, he didn’t leave her side and stayed in her corner, telling her how much she meant to him. Many netizens were moved by their heart-melting bond and couldn’t help but dote on the special connection they shared. Here are a few comments worth mentioning:

“I literally can watch this over and over . You can feel the love ”

— (@tammym411) December 8, 2021

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