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Girl Who Lost Dad Asks Grandpa to Be Her Date to School Dance in a Touching Surprise

A little girl from Papillion, Nebraska, was filled with joy and excitement as she eagerly anticipated her visit with her grandpa, knowing she had a special question to ask him. The emotional moment was captured online and quickly spread around the internet.

Kelsey Woolverton became a single parent when her daughter was just one. Four years ago, she lost her husband, Mike Woolverton, and she watched her precious Austyn navigate life without a father.

As the young girl grew older, the weight of her dad’s absence became more apparent. Austyn was lucky to have a supportive family and a grandfather, Steve Guenther, who was like a best friend. In January, she gathered all of the courage within her to ask him a surprising question.

A Grandaughter’s Bond with Her Grandpa
The grandpa spent much time with little Austyn, and the duo loved cooking and watching football games. Steve would do anything for his five-year-old granddaughter and filled the father-figure role whenever the youngster needed him.

While Austyn missed her dad dearly, she appreciated everything her grandpa did for her. When her school organized a dance for Valentine’s Day, the little girl knew she couldn’t attend it with her dad.

Kelsey didn’t want to shame daddy-daughter dances or events for kids and their moms. She wanted to display the importance of ensuring kids from single-parent homes were not left out.

The Heartwarming Proposal
Deciding on someone to attend the dance with her was easy for Austyn, and she nervously awaited seeing Grandpa Steve again. She drew a beautiful picture of herself and her grandfather at the dance and gave it to him as part of her proposal.

In a sweet TikTok clip, Austyn asked her grandfather to go to the school dance with her. The video went viral and touched many hearts. She started the conversation by informing him about the dance before she said:

“We need our dad to go there. My dad is not going to go. Will you go with me?”

A Priceless and Emotional Moment
The grandfather was caught off guard as the little girl jumped into his arms. He replied: “Oh, I would love to, Austyn! That would be the best. Can I really go with you?” The moment was priceless and left Austyn’s mom and grandmother in tears.

Kelsey was stunned by her daughter’s words and explained how she kept her husband’s memory alive while moving forward. They spoke about him often and ensured little Austyn was aware of his presence in her life. She added:

“[Steve] never tries to replace that role, obviously. Her dad’s irreplaceable, but I’m really happy she has a male figure in her life to kind of be that for her.”

Including Kids from Single-Parent Homes
The mother was delighted she captured the sweet encounter between her daughter and dad on camera. Many people have contacted the single mom and thanked her for posting the heartwarming clip. It was a unique way to raise awareness about kids who don’t have both parents in their lives.

Kelsey didn’t want to shame daddy-daughter dances or events for kids and their moms. She wanted to display the importance of ensuring kids from single-parent homes were not left out.

Grandparents Are a Blessing
The heartwarming encounter highlights the bravery of single-parent families and the importance of having loving father figures in a child’s life. While nobody can replace Austyn’s dad, having a loving grandfather by her side was a blessing for both her and her mother.

Woolverton hoped her TikTok post would help create a more inclusive and accepting environment for single-parent households like hers.

The Online Reaction
The online community was moved by the relationship between Austyn and her grandpa. Users revealed they needed tissues after watching the clip and applauded the loving grandfather:

“Now I’m bawling. This is the sweetest thing. I’m sorry your baby lost her daddy, but so happy she has grandpa! Their love radiates from them.”

This extraordinary story is a reminder of the power of family and friendship. It is a beautiful example of how a grandparent can step in and provide the love and support a child needs.

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