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Inside Betty White’s Carmel House She Built with Husband Allen Ludden & Never Wanted to Leave

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December 31, 2022, was the first anniversary of Betty White’s death. White passed away on December 31, 2022, just two weeks shy of her 100th birthday. The world mourned the beloved actress as they rang in the New Year.

White was known worldwide for the characters she played in TV shows and movies that were comforting to many. Colleagues, friends, and fans quickly flooded social media with tribute posts to White, mentioning her impact on their lives.

When her death was announced, it was said that White had passed away peacefully in her home surrounded by her loved ones. White had no children but had close friends around her when she took her last breaths.

Betty White attends The Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association's (GLAZA) 45th Annual Beastly Ball at the Los Angeles Zoo on June 20, 2015 in Los Angeles, California | Source: Getty Images Betty White attends The Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association’s (GLAZA) 45th Annual Beastly Ball at the Los Angeles Zoo on June 20, 2015 in Los Angeles, California | Source: Getty Images

At the time of her death announcement, it was unclear what she had passed away from. However, it later became clear that White had suffered a stroke days before her death, from which she was ever able to recover.

White’s agent gave a statement to “People,” saying that she suffered a stroke a week before her death and passed away in her sleep. The agent, Jeff Witjas, continued to say he was grateful for how she passed. He said:

“Betty passed in her sleep peacefully without pain. To me this is the most important thing and brings me comfort as her dear friend.”

Betty White and her husband, Allen Ludden’s marital home in Carmel held a special spot in the actress’ heart. She never wanted to leave the property, even after her husband’s demise. Take a look inside the couple’s jointly built property.

The iconic Betty White, a Chicago native, was noted for her infectious smile, unfailing glow, and warm heart. On-screen, she was a goddess who knew how well to impress her legion of fans.

While the terrific actress had a way of charming her audience, she was great at keeping cordial relationships with people around her, including friends and colleagues.

White, who gladly and effortlessly showed off her comedic chops on the big screens and in real life, also shared a heavenly love story with her husband, Allen Ludden.

Ludden was a successful TV game host whose star aligned with the actress almost as soon as they met. They enjoyed marital bliss until he died in 1981. Still, White never stopped loving her deceased prince charming.

She kept his memories dear, never remarried, and wanted to continue living in their home in Carmel. The couple had built the property a few months before Ludden’s death.

Marital Home in Carmel
White and Ludden experienced immense success at the time they met. Their careers were flying high, and money was the least of their worries. Thankfully, they had a genuine love for each other, and the commitment to build a home together did not come off as a bother.

The pair settled for a plot of land in Carmel, Ribera Road, to build their home that cost $170,000—verified by the property certificate in 1978. But, it took three years for the completion of their project.

Eventually, the structure sat on more than 3,600 square feet, overlooking the ocean. The celebrity home possesses five bathrooms, two bedrooms. Altogether, it is a 17-room home worth $2,013,000.

The inside was not extremely grand but classic enough to stir attention. In 2017, the actress showed a glimpse of her ocean view abode. After entry and a “welcome to my crib” remark, fans were introduced to a dining area, tall windows, toned-down curtains, and cushion chairs.

Afterward, she walked into the cream-colored kitchen that comprised a kitchen island decorated with flowers and roosters. White swiftly opened the fridge to exhibit its content. Inside was gluten-free mac and cheese, energy drinks, and a hot dog pyramid for her animals.

The First Lady of Television, Betty White gives a tour of her mansion and shows off her memorabilia and legacies | Source: Youtube/kinetictvThe First Lady of Television, Betty White gives a tour of her mansion and shows off her memorabilia and legacies | Source: Youtube/kinetictv

Next on display was the “state of the art” aquarium with a “priceless” collection of her tropical fish before the smiling actress strode into one of her bedrooms filled with hanging frames, bedside lamps, and windows that overlooked a garden of green plants.

White’s death has been ruled as natural causes as opposed to the rumors that it was covid-19 related.
White defined the bedroom as “where the magic happens” before letting a playful magician wow her viewers. Even though there was no apparent magic in that room, the veteran star informed her fans in a book that she keeps a special room in the house full of her kind of magic—stuffed animals.

The “Golden Girls” alum was an animal lover who dedicated her time and funds to support animals in need. She also had a room full of lifeless animals, including an armadillo, a rhinoceros, a grizzly bear, and a beluga whale, which she occasionally talked to.

Allen’s Two Days In the House
Another remarkable magic in White’s life appears to be her love life with Allen Ludden. The entertainer anchored CBS’s “Password” that hosted celebrities, and White, a promising young actress, featured as a guest.

Ludden was a widower with three kids, and White had experienced two failed marriages, but somehow, these two were able to make a captivating love story.

After several proposal attempts, the actress, who did not feel confident enough to marry, agreed to be a third-time bride. In 2012, she confessed that it was a hard decision considering her past, but added:

“Then I thought, ‘Am I going to live the rest of my life without this man?’ Thank goodness we got married when we did.”

She married the successful TV host in the 1960s, and they stayed together until his death caused by stomach cancer. While they built their Carmel home, Ludden was diagnosed with the disease. He died four months after they completed renovations, having spent only two nights in the house.

Years later, she still protected his memory and focused on her life instead of finding another partner. However, this did not stop her from feeling devastated. Losing Ludden was challenging, and she once told a publication that:

“I came upstairs, and our dogs were lying on his robe. I just fell apart, and we sat there together on the floor.”

The House Where White Lived Her Final Years
White’s career spanned for decades, and she is considered the longest-running Hollywood entertainer. She began her career in the 1930s and continued to make history using her talent before her demise in 2021.

The “Golden Girls” actress was 99 years old and died in her Brentwood home in West Los Angeles. An insider added that White would have loved to take her last breath in the Carmel home built with her late husband, where she felt the most comfort.

Instead, she was forced to remain in Brentwood due to home care, as the residence was easily accessible. White’s affiliation to Carmel was due to the history, but this did not mean that her Brentwood home located in North Carmelina avenue was not in good condition.

Her death home is a classical, modest structure standing on a 3,029 square foot, three-quarter-acre, surrounded by rich green plants. It consists of a white wooden exterior and yellow windows.

White died from natural causes, as opposed to the rumors that it was COVID-19 related. Her agent and a close friend confirmed that she never received a vaccine, as believed. The police also corroborated the story, adding they suspect no foul play.

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