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John Legend Turns 44 with Beloved Wife & 2 Kids – Doting Dad Changed Diapers & Waits for Future Baby

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John Legend turns 44: he is a world-class musician and a coach on “The Voice,” but when he comes home, he is a loving husband and father of 2, with another one on the way!John Legend, award-winning singer, songwriter, pianist, and record producer met his wife, model wife, Chrissy Teigen, on the set of a music video in 2006.

They started dating in 2007, became engaged in December 2011, and were married on September 14, 2013, in Como, Italy.While attending shows at New York Fashion Week, Legend and Teigen had a quick courthouse wedding to fulfill the legal requirements two months before their fairytale nuptials in Italy.

Guests to the intimate destination wedding included Kanye West and Stevie Wonder, who performed “Ribbons in the Sky” before the groom serenaded his bride with “All I Am.”

After their dream wedding, the couple looked forward to having children. But parenthood did not come easily. Teigen struggled to conceive, so they opted to go through in vitro fertilization or IVF, creating and freezing 20 embryos. Speaking about her dreams of a family, Teigen said:

“I’ve always pictured everyone around the table for the holidays and together once a week. It’ll be heartbreaking if it doesn’t end up happening, but hopefully it will. We’ve got some embryos on hold.”

Of the 20, only three embryos were deemed genetically normal. Sadly, their first attempt at implantation was unsuccessful. But the second one took. The soul singer and model welcomed their first child, Luna, in April 2016, with Teigen taking to Instagram to gush that she was so in love. And sleepy.

Teigen and Legend wanted more children and felt the urgency to continue expanding their family. On May 28, 2018, they welcomed baby number 2, a son named Miles. They had known from the beginning that Luna would be a girl and he would be a boy because they were a product of IVF.

Legend and Teigen, a TV personality and cookbook author, are currently expecting baby number 3, the best 44th birthday present the musician could have wished for.

A Hands-on Dad
Legend is an involved dad to Luna, 6, and Miles, 4, pitching in parenting tasks, including feeding, burping, soothing, and the dreaded diaper duty. Though he and his wife have the privilege of traveling in luxury most of the time, Legend has first-hand experience of how not having changing tables in men’s restrooms is a problem, saying:

“Daddy diaper duty is a real thing. Daddies should be involved, and overall, we should be involved in the parenting responsibilities as much as we can. It’s time for society to say it’s time to change this kind of thing. We don’t want to just talk about it, we want to do some building.”

Most baby changing tables are just in ladies’ rooms, indicating that society deems child care and parenting an exclusively female affair. But Legend wants to change that view. He partnered with Pampers and Koala Kare to also identify and install the facilities in men’s rooms.

Growing confidence has made the star couple learn to parent as a unit. Legend says that part of parenting as a team is figuring out what responsibilities you want and what your partner can do best.

The devastated couple found refuge in their family, the love of their other children, and the strong bond between them.
Luna and Miles’ dad also asserted that the highlight of parenting has a front-row seat to your children’s growth, watching their minds develop. It is fascinating to see how quickly they gain new skills and attain milestones. Also, watching their personalities emerge is a joy and a privilege.

The singer has stated that he would be proud of whatever future professions or passions his children choose to pursue in the future. Even though it tugs at his heartstrings to see Luna or Miles express an interest in music, he said:

‘I want them to just find what they’re passionate about, commit to it and really get into it. Whatever it is, I will support them.”

Legend and his wife suffered a tragedy in September 2020. They lost a baby, who they had begun calling Jack, to pregnancy complications. The devastated couple found refuge in their family, the love of their other children, and the strong bond between them. A year on, the model was still experiencing the pangs of grief.

Legend at 44
This year has been a year of new beginnings for John Legend and his wife, Chrissy Teigen. Their relationship is thriving, barring everything they have been through. In September, Teigen took some time to celebrate her husband on their anniversary, calling Legend her “absolute best friend and lover and partner in life.”

The Grammy winner released “Legend,” an album in two parts that chronicles his experiences with love and loss. The work is a mix of celebratory tunes and more sensual and contemplative songs representing the different seasons of love that Legend has gone through with his wife.

On August 4, 2022, Teigen announced that she was pregnant via Instagram. She and Legend were elated for the chance to have another baby and to watch how Miles takes to being a big brother.

As Legend turns 44, he has the llove and appreciation of his wife, Teigen, a thriving careea and the precious gifts of his children to keep inspiring him. Happy Birthday John Legend.

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