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Kurt Russell Makes Goldie Hawn Feel ‘Unbelievable’ & Protects Her from Criticism: They’re Still in Love after 40 Years

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Famous actor couple Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn recently celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary together! Sadly, countless social media users have taken to the internet and have been criticizing Goldie’s appearance. Many left degrading comments about the actress, saying she’s not aging gracefully.

One Twitter user said they could see she hadn’t had any work done. However, many commented on the way she wore her hair and makeup. One even mentioned they suspected she had lip plumper put in, which didn’t compliment her face structure.

Many insisted that Goldie did have some plastic surgery on her face. They emphasized that botox was distorting her looks and made rude comments regarding her appearance. One Twitter user even commented that she was in “really bad shape.”

The pair have never officially been married, but throughout the years, they’ve never seen the need to.
Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell in October 1987 in Fort Bragg, California | Source: Getty ImagesGoldie Hawn and Kurt Russell at the Odeon Leicester Square on February 12, 2005 in London | Source: Getty Images

That said, Goldie’s husband, Kurt, stood up for her. He complimented her, trying to reassure the aging actress. Kurt sweetly comforted her by saying she still looks gorgeous and her looks haven’t faded. In fact, Kurt makes a point of reminding her that she’s beautiful whenever he gets the chance. The actor told his partner, “You’re unbelievable.”

Kurt and Goldie Celebrate 40 Years Together: They Still like to Dance & Travel
The couple has been together for an impressive 40 years, and they celebrated the milestone like any couple who has made it that far together should. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, the pair spent the day in Manhattan’s Upper West Side neighborhood, enjoying each other’s company.

Kurt and Goldie have spent their lives going on adventures together, and they’ve never lost their sense of fun.

Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn at Ron Burkle's Green Acres Estate on November 21, 2014 in Beverly Hills, California | Source: Getty Images

Kurt and Goldie also made a stop at the Museum of Natural History. They were seen taking a break from all the walking, planting themselves cozily on a small wall. A photographer caught a sweet moment as Kurt leaned his head against his partner’s shoulder in laughter while she held onto a phone, obviously showing him something hilarious.

The pair have never officially been married, but throughout the years, they’ve never seen the need to. They have spent the years happily going on trips together, and dancing as much as possible, as they show on their Instagram. Kurt commented on their loving relationship, “No, we never got married but one thing that continues to grow is our love.”

Goldie also had a slew of sweet notions to spout about her better half. She commended him on his loveable nature and even called him a “father supreme.” She gushed about how much she adores him, commenting, “I can’t imagine my life without you at any age, Kurt Russell.”

‘I Loved the Way He Looked at My Children’: Now They Are Grandparents of 7
Kurt and Goldie have spent their lives going on adventures together, and they’ve never lost their sense of fun. But what truly brought them together was Goldie’s kids. The actress opened up about the first time they met, admitting that she fell for him when she saw how good he was with kids. She said:

“I love the way he looked at my children. It was really something special. He’s good at that. He’s good with kids. And I kind of went, ‘Oh my God, this is amazing.'”

The two originally met in 1984, when they worked together on the film “Swing Shift.” She remembered Kurt being an incredible actor, but the way he interacted with her kids is what sealed the deal. Goldie has a sizeable family and is a grandmother to six kids. She commented that her kids and her grandkids have proven to be the best thing in her life.

Similarly, Kurt instantly took a shine to the children. Goldie revealed the slew of grandkids refer to her and Kurt as “GoGo” and “GoGi.” Goldie and Kurt have raised three kids together, Kate Hudson, Oliver Hudson, and Wyatt Russell. Each of the two actors has brought their own offspring into the mix, and they also share some.

Goldie also revealed she tries to stay close to all her grandkids, and many of the family live a stone’s throw from each other. The award-winning actress shared that family is her priority, saying, “Being a grandmother is amazing, I love it. It brings incredible joy. Family is so important.”

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