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Little ‘Police Officer’ Hands Out Flowers & Hugs to Elderly People in Care Homes Once a Week to Make Them Smile

Children are known for their adorable antics, cheerful demeanor, and charming innocence. The same was true for one little boy with a heart of gold who exuberated pure warmth and love. His heartfelt desire to help people encouraged him to engage in a sweet gesture of kindness.

Oliver Davis, from Westchester Village of Lenexa, Leawood, Kansas, was not your average kid. He was extraordinary and remarkably different because of his awe-inspiring personality—a matter of sheer pride and joy for his mother, Brandi Davis.

As a parent, it pleased Brandi to see her son indulge in acts of love and compassion. Like any other youngster, Oliver had aspirations, dreams, and goals that he wished to chase and pursue with every fiber of his being. So when he told his mom he wanted to be a cop, it didn’t astonish her.

On Wanting to Be a Cop
Out of pure curiosity, Oliver once asked his mom about the tasks that police officers performed, and she told him that their main job was to help people.

It didn’t take too long for the sweet boy to realize that he had the drive, passion, and motivation to be a policeman and wanted to serve the community.

Resultantly, the brave little cop was surprised with an honorary police badge.

Meeting His Great-Grandma & Bringing Flowers
Brandi said her boy innocently chimed in that he was a real cop, and as a part of his duties, he was supposed to help people. So he didn’t arrive empty-handed when he visited his great-grandmother in her nursing home. Oliver had stopped by a flower shop beforehand and bought gorgeous roses.

When he met his great-grandma, he flashed a bright smile, handed her a flower, and wrapped his arms around her. Later, he greeted the other elderly residents at the care home and gave each of them a lovely flower.

He also asked his mom if he could hug them, and upon her approval, he tenderly embraced the senior members of the nursing facility and made small talk with them.

He Wanted to Do It Again
After his first visit to the care home in 2017, Brandi said her little boy was so hooked that he came running to her and asked if he could do it again.

And so began Oliver’s journey of visiting care homes in Kansas and Missouri, and in 2018 alone, Brandi said her seven-year-old son handed out more than 15,000 flowers.

Dressed in his police uniform, the little man was often seen buying flowers for the older folks—a job he took earnestly and performed to the best of his abilities.

A Cute Offense
Once he had enough flowers to give to all his elderly friends, he made a grand entrance on his white motorbike. In addition to flowers, Oliver gave cards and “tickets” to all those who made an astonishingly unfamiliar offense. The ticket read:

“Violation—you have received a ticket for being too cute.”

Oliver’s Adorable Reaction
What was supposed to be a visit to his great-grandma became a catalyst for something much more significant and heart-melting. While reflecting on his weekly visits to the care homes and why he handed out flowers, hugs, and tickets, Oliver had the sweetest response:

“I like making people smile. It’s one of my favorites.”

Honoring the Little Officer
When the tiny officer with a gigantic heart handed out roses to older people for the first time, his story created a ripple effect and reached the Leawood Police Department. Resultantly, the brave little cop was surprised with an honorary police badge.

Courtney O’Connor, Westchester Village of Lenexa’s executive director, hailed Oliver for his genuine heart and noted that elderly people loved his kind gesture. “[Oliver] was very caring and compassionate and gave everyone a hug,” added O’Connor.

Saving up Money & Receiving Appreciation
Brandi, who supported her officer son on duty and enjoyed seeing him interact with the senior citizens, shared that Oliver saved up money to buy the flowers. He sometimes used his own Christmas money and began receiving donations from his community members when his story gained traction.

Every time he stopped to talk to the residents, he gave them a rose, asked them if they could use a hug, and then threw his arms around them. Many applauded the boy for his wonderful heart, and a senior member even told him that the world could use more loving souls like him.

The Elderly Folks’ Response
The little Kansas boy received all sorts of sweet compliments, with one elderly woman saying, “I haven’t had a hug like that in years,” while another resident added that it was the first hug they had received in 10 years.

Brandi said that there were instances when people melted in her son’s arms and cried so hard that they didn’t want to let go. “We have to pry him out of their arms,” she added.

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