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Man Befriends Elderly Lady in the Airport, Gives up His First Class Seat upon Hearing Her Story

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Not all superheroes wear capes, and this story confirms the old saying. A few years ago, a man proved that good people still exist as he fulfilled the wish of an older woman.

In 2019, a man identified as Jack won the hearts of numerous internet users after his act of kindness went viral. He generously gave up his first-class seat on a flight to 88-year-old Violet so that she could enjoy the luxurious experience.

The amazing gesture was detailed in a Facebook post shared by Virgin Atlantic crew member Leah Amy. In the post, Amy revealed that Violet was on her way to visit her daughter in New York when she experienced Jack’s selfless act.

A Dream Come True
Violet was a nurse in the UK and America for several years and often flew around several cities. The older woman also visited her daughter in New York a few times. However, due to a knee replacement surgery, Violet could not visit her daughter for a while.

In all of Violet’s trips, she had never traveled in first class before, but it had always been her desire to do so. The woman’s dream eventually became a reality after a friendly chat with Jack. He was moved by Violet’s story and made her trip worthwhile.

In the Facebook post, Amy explained, “Jack went and found Violet in Economy and swapped seats with her. He then sat on the row of seats directly next to the economy toilets and never made a peep or asked for anything the rest of the flight.”

The Story Goes Viral
Violet could not believe her dream had finally come true. Amy confirmed that the older woman was overwhelmed with emotions and asked for photos as proof to show her daughter. The crew member attached the beautiful snapshots to her post.

Not long after Jack and Violet’s story was posted, netizens applauded the former’s kind act and shared in the older woman’s excitement. Many were inspired to offer help and show kindness in the smallest ways possible.

Another Beautiful Story
In 2017, an unlikely friendship between 22-year-old Spencer Sleyon and an 81-year-old woman broke the internet with its wholesomeness. The pair had been virtual friends for a long time and finally met each other for the first time on December 2, 2017. In a tweet, Sleyon wrote:

“So last summer, I randomly met this 80 y/o on words with friends. We played 300+ games together and she actually became a good friend of mine. Today, I got to go to Florida and meet her in person.”

During an interview, Sleyon described his first encounter with the woman, Rosalind Guttman. He explained that when they met, it felt natural. Although the duo only saw each other over the phone, Sleyon said their first meeting was like having a regular discussion with a friend.

Many people online were thrilled about the connection between Sleyon and Guttman despite the age difference. Their relationship showed that age is not a limiting factor in establishing a good friendship.

Guttman was surprised by the reactions as she didn’t feel anything was special about her relationship with Sleyon; In fact, she believed it should be the normal way people relate. Nevertheless, she was pleased and described the encounter as one of the most memorable in her life.

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