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Man Starts Dating Woman, Ends up Becoming Dad to Her Baby with Another Man after Their Fourth Date

A couple proudly proclaimed they had only met each other three times in person before they experienced the most unbelievable and extraordinary circumstances that strengthened their relationship and bonded them for good.

Love is a heartwarming emotion that adds beauty to life. It’s a precious feeling that has the power to bring complete strangers together and bind them for the rest of their lives. Sometimes, we might have to wait a long time to experience love, while other times, it might surprise us when we least expect it.

Still, being privileged enough to love and be loved in your lifetime is magical. The story we’re sharing with you today is about a couple’s labor of love that came to fruition most unexpectedly.

Stating the Facts
When Alyssa Hodges from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, started using Tinder, she was upfront about being pregnant and even stated it in her profile. The then-20-year-old woman recalled:

“I was about six and a half months pregnant when I went on Tinder, and I clearly stated that on my bio. I didn’t want to lead anyone on, so I was being open and honest. I wanted them to know what they were getting into right off the bat.”

There Was Something about Her
Her profile caught the attention of Max Silvy, who admitted that although such a disclaimer would have turned him off, there was something special about Hodges that he couldn’t ignore. He recounted:

“There was something that caught my eye about Alyssa. Normally I wouldn’t swipe right on a pregnant girl, but there was just something about her.”

The Pending Date
Fortunately, the duo hit it off well, but Silvy, a civil servant, had to travel frequently for work. The couple had only gone on three dates together when their fourth came up, where Hodges agreed to pick up Silvy from the airport.

The couple said their families were initially apprehensive about their relationship and things moving too fast, but eventually gave them their blessings.

Things Took an Odd Turn
However, on the day Hodges was supposed to pick up her Tinder date from the airport, she ended up in an unlikely situation. In the wake of her current circumstances, she contacted Silvy and asked him to meet her in the hospital. Hodges revealed:

“On the day I went into labor, I was meant to be picking Max up from the airport as he was coming back from a work trip. That was the plan, but I ended up texting him, saying: ‘I’m so sorry, you’ll have to get a taxi. I’m going into labor.'”

The One Who Never Left
Soon afterward, Hodges said her boyfriend, who she had only met in person thrice before, hopped into a taxi when he got off the plane and came straight to the hospital to be with her. The Brisbane resident said her labor went on for a week, but Silvy never left her side.

Hodges noted that her mother was also with her for some time and supported her immensely, but Silvy was the only one who stayed throughout the entire labor and birth experience. The young woman said she went home and returned to the hospital for four to five days before delivering her baby.

Bonded for Good
The then-25-year-old Silvy was said to have taken time off work to be with his girlfriend and care for her newborn. Hodges stated that while she and Silvy had mutual feelings for each other, the birth was what truly bonded them.

She gave birth to a baby boy, Ollie, in September 2021. While doting on her boyfriend, Hodges said:

“We both knew that we liked each other and had strong feelings for each other. But the birth was the peaking point of our relationship, it bonded us. Looking back, I know it was the best decision ever. I’m so glad he was there.”

A Constant Support
The Australian woman mentioned that motherhood was a big challenge because she was only 19 when she had Ollie. However, she noted that Silvy’s massive support and loving presence eased her worries. She also added:

“I had the baby blues. I was really upset and didn’t know what I was doing. I felt alone and Max carried me through that week. Every time I couldn’t do something, Max picked me up. He’s set me up to succeed in motherhood.”

Silencing Her Fears
Hodges shared that while she liked Silvy, she feared something might go wrong, especially after her last relationship didn’t work out. Meanwhile, Silvy expressed that Hodges’s pregnancy was not an issue for him, but being there for her made him ‘anxious.’ About taking care of Ollie, he said:

“There were so many unknowns, so many things that I didn’t know about becoming a dad. There’s a lot of learning that comes with being a new dad, but me and Ollie are bonding quite well.”

The couple said their families were initially apprehensive about their relationship and things moving too fast but eventually gave them their blessings.

“Man of the Year”
Hodges has also shared her story on TikTok, where netizens flooded her comment section with love and praise for Silvy. She said:

“On TikTok, everybody is asking if Max has a brother, calling him ‘man of the year’ and saying we were the cutest little family. It was a great reaction.”

The mother-of-one noted how she had come across many unfortunate and soul-crushing stories about men walking out on pregnant women. She called herself ‘lucky’ and expressed sheer gratitude for having someone like Silvy by her side.

Praising Her Boyfriend
Moreover, Hodges also gushed about the beautiful bond Silvy and Ollie shared. She recalled how Silvy looked after Ollie while he spent some time in the NICU and didn’t mind the doctors calling him dad when they mistook him for Ollie’s father.

Since having Ollie, Hodges and Silvy said they took turns being at each other’s houses because they lived only 20 minutes apart. Their future plans include buying a house, moving in together, and being loving parents to little Ollie.


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