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Neurologist who served in Wo.rld Wa.r II and is still practicing medicine turns 100 years old

A World War II veteran who started practicing medicine before the invention of penicillin is still applying his trade now, and he’s just turned 100 years old.According to reports, Dr. Howard Tucker has had a distinguished and long career, but has no plans to give up his work as a neurologist.

He joked: “You’re a celebrity when you get to be 100.”According to News5Cleveland, Tucker served in the Navy during the Second World War, became chief of neurology of Atlantic fleet during the Korean War, and went to law school while in his late 60s.

He also boasts four children with a wife of 65 years who he says he has never once had a fight with. Their children have gifted them 10 grandkids.

As per reports, Tucker entered the Guinness Book of Records last year as the oldest practicing physician in the world.

“Can you imagine that, yes,” he said. “Kinda makes me smile. I tell everyone about it.”

Indeed, Tucker’s career in medicine pre-dates penicillin, MRIs and CAT scans.

Somewhat incredibly, given his age, Tucker still plies his trade at St. Vincent Medical Charity Medical Center, where he sees patients and teaches medical residents. He’s done so for the last seven years, after moving from the Cleveland Clinic, where he first began his medical career.

Tucker’s grandson, Austin, said that his grandfather makes things look relatively easy.

“He calls me for help on things and it’s never just, ‘Austin, can you do this for me? It’s, ‘Austin, can you show me how to do this?’ Austin said.

“He’s really interested in learning: ‘How can I do this?’ He’s just fascinated with the world.”

Tucker himself said that good genetics have played their part in his living so long.

“Genetics is a good start,” he explained. “ And everything in moderation, except no cigarette smoking – that’s about it.”

He also said he has no plans to retire.

“I’m enjoying what I’m doing,” he added. “Retirement is the enemy of longevity. People wither up.”

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