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Parents Turn Off Newborn Son’s Life Support — 7 Years Later the Boy Is Stronger than Ever

A couple experienced any parent’s worst nightmare. Doctors told them their three-week-old baby was sick and his chances of survival were low. The duo said their goodbyes and turned off the machines thinking it was the end. But fate had other plans.

Samantha Baker and Adam Ellmer were delighted after welcoming their bundle of joy, Harrison Ellmer. His birth was a moment of great joy, but the duo had no idea what challenging times were ahead.

Three weeks after baby Harrison was born in December 2012, his mother realized something was wrong. The little boy was slowly becoming unresponsive, and his condition worried Samantha.

The Baby’s Condition Was Worrying
The concerned mom from England called NHS Direct, and an ambulance was rushed to their home. Paramedics took Harrison to Sheffield Hospital and informed his parents he might not make the journey.

The child arrived at the medical facility, and doctors confirmed his serious condition. They performed a lumbar puncture and provided Harrison with antibiotics. After five days, his health had still not improved.

At the hospice, the devastated parents said farewell to their precious baby. They permitted doctors to turn off the life support machines, and that’s when something unexpected happened.

No Hope Of Recovery
The medical team did their best to save Harrison’s life but diagnosed him with the deadly infection, meningitis. It took hold of him quickly and left little room for hope of recovery. The mother was surprised by the diagnosis and said:

“Harrison went floppy and lost his appetite, but he didn’t ever develop a rash which a lot of people assume is the first symptom.”

They Turned off the Machines
Doctors told Samantha and Adam that their son would pass away. The revelation broke their hearts, but they moved him to Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice.

At the hospice, the devastated parents said farewell to their precious baby. They permitted doctors to turn off the life support machines, and that’s when something unexpected happened.

Their Miracle Baby
Harrison didn’t stop breathing as everyone anticipated. Instead, he managed to inhale and exhale on his own—the development shocked doctors. Samantha and Adam were in awe of their “miracle baby” and shared:

“We were all so heartbroken when we were told he wasn’t going to survive. It felt like a real miracle.”

The couple’s relief was unending even when doctors informed them their son might never walk or talk. The infection caused brain damage and left him deaf in one ear. He also had cerebral palsy on one side of his body, but his mom and dad remained grateful he survived.

The Little One Proved Everyone Wrong
The baby stunned everyone and exceeded expectations. He reached various milestones like other children his age, repeatedly proving the medical professionals wrong.

The ordeal made Samantha and Adam cherish every moment with their son, and they were excited about his bright future.

The toddler started preschool in 2016, and seven years after his brush with death, his dad wrote the following:

“Seven years ago today, we almost lost our [little] man to meningitis, but my boy had different ideas. [He fought] it off, and is still here today stronger than ever. He’s my [little] shadow and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Love you, boy.”

A Message for Other Moms and Dads
The couple was proud of their beautiful and sweet child, stunned by how lucky they were to have him. The youngster was always full of life and eager to become a brother when his mom was pregnant again.

Their family was excited for the next chapter in their story and forever thankful for the many miracles they experienced. Samantha also urged other parents to act speedily if they suspected their child was sick—it is always better to be safe rather than sorry.

Grateful for the Support
The couple also raised £5,000 (about $6,000) for the hospice that provided excellent care for their son during a challenging time. It was their way of expressing their gratitude. The father struggled to explain his joy, noting:

“It’s the biggest weight lifted off your shoulders ever. I couldn’t describe how much better it made me feel [knowing Harrison was coming home].

Ten Years Old and Stronger than Ever
The family’s ordeal was not easy, but they are stronger because of it. The proud dad wished his son a happy 10th birthday on December 30, 2022. Adam shared:

“You really are one of a kind, my boy! There was a time we/doctors never thought you’d make it this far, mate, but here you are. This kid doesn’t let anything phase him whatsoever. So proud of you for that, my mate. I love you all the world.”

Harrison’s experience brings hope to the hopeless and should encourage other parents to keep believing in a miracle if needed. We wish him and his family all the best in the future.

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