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Sam Elliott’s Only Daughter Unveils Private Life: She Shows Splendid Mane & New Man

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Sam Elliot is known for his unique, gruff voice and distinctive appearance. The actor has numerous film titles to his name and is famous for his characters in westerns. Most recently, Sam was awarded an Oscar for his performance in “A Star is Born.”

The actor posed for a rare photo with his 38-year-old daughter, Cleo Rose Elliot. Sam shares Cleo with his wife, Katherine Ross, whom he initially shared a set with in 1969 in the film “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.” However, they never met back then.

Sam and Katherine only got together in 1978, when they worked together again. After the couple tied the knot, they welcomed their only daughter in September 1984. Cleo presumably grew up on her parents’ seaside ranch in Malibu, California.

Before Cleo started dating Jacob, she was engaged to Randy Christopher Bateman.
Cleo Elliot, 2023 | Source: Elliot, 2023 | Source:

Cleo is still based in Malibu, where she makes music and is trying to advance her music career. She gained some recognition for her musical skills when she produced a hit song titled “No More Lies” at the age of 24.

The singer often keeps her life private but has recently offered fans a glimpse into her life. Cleo took to Instagram, sharing images of herself and her latest boyfriend.

The musician shared two sets of pictures of herself. In one, she took two close-ups of herself in a military-green jacket and a dark beanie hat. In the others, she showed off a furry jacket with black-and-white yin and yang designs.

Cleo is currently dating Jacob Rosenbaum. She posted a few photos featuring her boyfriend, and of course, all her recent photos show off her impressive blonde mane.

Who Is Cleo Rose Elliott’s New Boyfriend?
Before Cleo started dating Jacob, she was engaged to Randy Christopher Bateman. Although Cleo is still featured on Randy’s Instagram, the musician has taken off any instance of him from her own profile. It seems the engagement sadly didn’t work out, and Cleo has moved on.

Cleo and her dad have built an excellent relationship through the years.

Randy often chronicled his adventures with his then-fiancé on his social media pages. He even appeared on the red carpet with Cleo and her famous parents at the “A Star is Born” Premiere. In 2017, Randy posted a photo of Cleo, captioning it, “My amazing fiancé Cleo.”

However, Randy disappeared from Cleo’s Instagram page in the last few years. In his place, Cleo started sharing images of her with her new boyfriend, Jacob. Although the specific details are unclear, it’s relatively easy to surmise that Cleo has most likely permanently moved on.

In almost all of the photos with Jacob, Cleo has included some form of heart emoji as a caption. The pair seems to be going strong, regularly posting photos and Instagram stories together. It even seems they share the same music tastes.

In the past, Cleo has said her musical influences include Pink Floyd and Guns ‘n Roses. In multiple photos, Jacob can be seen sporting one of these bands’ merchandise, most often a shirt. Most recently, Cleo posted an image of her and Jacob on her story.

The musician shared a photo of her and her new boyfriend with their heads pressed together, Cleo flaunting her impressive blonde mane as usual. Jacob’s brown curls can be seen on Cleo’s shoulder, and the musician posted a blue, purple, and pink heart sticker to round it all off.

How Does Sam Elliott & Katherine Ross Treat Their Only Daughter?
Cleo and her dad have built an excellent relationship through the years. In an interview Cleo’s dad did, Sam said that although Cleo is all grown up, she will always remain his little girl. The actor commented sweetly:

“She’s a good one, though. She may be older chronologically, but she’s a baby still. Always be my baby.”

The actor also opened up in another interview with The Washington Post and described his relationship with his daughter as “deeply loving.” He continued, revealing he sees his daughter daily. Similarly, Cleo and her mom have a good relationship, despite past troubles.

Apparently, Cleo had been becoming more aggressive as she grew older and threatened her mom with a pair of scissors at one point. Luckily, Katherine and Cleo have managed to come to terms with each other. Cleo recently posted a picture of them doing a puzzle, captioning it, “Mom and I love a good puzzle.”

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