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Serena Williams Called ‘Hottie’ by Spouse as She Poses in Mini Dress – He Defended Her from Fat-Shaming

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Serena Williams and her husband of five years, Alexis Ohanian Sr., enjoyed going out on a date night in February 2023. The mother of one took to her Instagram account to share pictures of herself and her outfit for the outing.

In the first photo, she looked blurry as she posed close to some trees outside. The second image was more precise and showed how the then 41-year-old professional tennis player wore a black mini dress and matching sneakers for her date.

The third image in the reel showed the star posing alongside her date. In the caption, Williams wrote, “Miami nights,” and Alexis Sr. was one of the people who left a comment noting how his wife was a “Hottie.”

A fan also said the athlete was “always lovely,” while a second person thought she looked “gorgeous.” Another follower agreed with the previous person about how Williams looked in the pictures by giving her praise.

This wasn’t the first time that Alexis Sr. spoke well about his famous wife; in the past, he’d had to come out publicly to defend her. The businessman has had to defend Williams from social media speaking ill about her weight.

Why Was Serena Fat-Shamed & How Did Her Husband Defend Her?
In January 2021, Ion Tiriac, a former tennis player and a Romanian billionaire, attacked Williams during an interview, making “sexist” attacks against her. Tiriac also commented about the star’s age and weight and urged her to retire, saying:

“At this age and the weight she is now, she does not move as easily as he did 15 years ago. Serena was a sensational player. If she had a little decency, she would retire! From all points of view.”

Alexis Sr. refused to take the slander lying down and took to Twitter with a series of remarks. The businessman said it was safe to say no one cared what Tiriac thought and said he’d Googled and found that his then three-year-old daughter had more Grand Slam wins than the billionaire.

Williams’s husband didn’t hold back and called Tiriac a “racist/sexist clown” and revealed that in 2021 he wasn’t going to hold back when someone like that attacked his family. Fans were thrilled to see Alexis Sr. defending his wife.


One person tweeted praise for the businessman and confessed that most people were tired of people like Tiriac. The fan was pleased that Williams’s husband could defend his family freely and whenever and however he wanted; before saluting his bravery, Alexis Sr. replied, “I’m always hungry.”

Most Williams fans should be aware that the award-winning tennis player mentioned retiring from playing the sport for years. However, she clarified further on the matter and shared how much support she had.

What Did Serena Say about Her Retirement & How Does Her Husband Support Her?
In an August 2022 Vogue piece, Williams explained that she’d never wanted to choose between having a family or playing tennis because she didn’t think it was fair, noting: “If I were a guy, I wouldn’t be writing this because I’d be out there playing and winning while my wife was doing the physical labor of expanding our family.”

Alexis Sr.’s wife thought she might’ve been more like Tom Brady if given a chance. However, she clarified that she loved being a woman, and every second she was pregnant with her daughter, Olympia Alexis Ohanian Jr.

The athlete confessed to being one of those “annoying women” who reveled in their pregnancies and worked until she had to go into the hospital. However, she admitted that things did get complicated after childbirth.

Williams also revealed that while playing during the 2017 Australian Open, she was two months pregnant with her daughter. However, with her turning 41 in 2022, she felt something had to give but explained that she never liked the word “retirement” because it didn’t feel like a modern word.

The star said she was thinking of it more like a transition but wanted to be sensitive about how she used it as it meant something else and was very important to some people. Alexis Sr.’s wife settled on evolution and shared that she was evolving from tennis to other essential things.

Williams revealed that she founded a venture capital firm called Serena Ventures years before, and then she began her family and now wanted it to grow. However, she’d been reluctant to admit that she had to move on from tennis.

The athlete said she and her husband barely spoke about it, as did she and her parents because it was a taboo topic. The star felt it wasn’t real until she said it out loud, and when it came up, a lump formed in her throat, and she started crying.

The only person she’d delved into the matter with was her therapist! Williams said she knew many people got excited about and looked forward to retiring, and she wished she felt the same, noting how the number one player in the world, Ashleigh Barty, left tennis in March 2022.

[Serena] Williams’ husband [Alexis Ohanian Sr.] said she’d dealt with major complications during childbirth and almost died, so he had no excuse to deliver on the dance two months later.

Alexis Sr.’s wife believed Barty was ready to move on, and in 2020, when Caroline Wozniacki retired, she felt relief. By October 2022, the 23-time Grand Slam champion spoke at a San Francisco conference to promote her investment company and touched on her retirement, stating:

“I am not retired. The chances (of a return) are very high. You can come to my house, I have a court.”

When she last played at the U.S. Open, many people thought it was Williams’ last event and her farewell. Before all her matches, she received tributes and emotionally waved goodbye after losing the third round.

The athlete has been so fortunate to have the support she has from her husband throughout her career. In April 2021, a social media fan tweeted the businessman sharing how they loved that he didn’t mind being called Williams’ husband.

Alexis Sr. said one day, he’d become a self-made billionaire, and most people would still know him as Williams’ husband or Olympia’s father, and that was fine by him, though he preferred the latter. In November 2021, he uploaded “never-before-seen” footage from their wedding six years ago.

He confessed to having given keynote addresses to audiences with more than 10,000 people, but his first dance was the most nerve-wracking! Williams’ husband said she’d dealt with major complications during childbirth and almost died, so he had no excuse to deliver on the dance two months later.

Judging from how intimate and happy the couple looked as they whirled around the stage, it was evident they were very much in love. Although the businessman was nervous, he managed to execute his role in the dance well.

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