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Twins sisters celebrate 100th birthday together – gave up their lives to live final years together

Celebrating a birthday is a special occasion no matter what age you are! And if you happen to hit 100 years old, the day becomes all the more special.

These twin sisters celebrated their century on earth together. And opened up about their lives in the process…Norma Matthews and Edith Antonecchi just turned 100 years old together. The twin sisters are still as close as ever even 100 years after their birth.

“People love that we’re still together,” Norma told the media. “We’ve done everything together since the day we were born.” While they are quick to celebrate their ups, they are also always there for one another through their downs.

“Edy was always there for me, and I was always there for her,” Norma shared. “Whenever I’d get sick, Edy would somehow know. She’d call me up or come rushing over to make sure I was okay.”

And while it may seem things have always been serene, the sisters share cheekily that sibling rivalries were very common.

“You put a penny in your pocket, it doesn’t jingle. You put two pennies in your pocket, they jingle,” the girls said their grandmother always told them.

Born in Revere, Massachusetts, they were raised by a single mother.

“We didn’t have it easy, but we had a lot of fun,” Edy shared. “We made our own fun.”

After highschool, Edy worked as a nurse while Norma went on to work as a hairdresser. Both sisters got married 3 months apart from one another. They lived near one another for 51 years. For all their lives they made sure to never be more than 2 cities away from one another or at maximum just one bus ride away.

“For the first time, we’d be living apart,” Norma said. “So we decided it was important that we always lived as close as we could to each other.”

While Edy married her love Leo “Chick” Antonecchi 3 months after her sister. The couple had two sons together. One of them passed away four years ago because of cancer. While Leo passed away in 1994 because of a car accident. The death of Charles followed next, he suffered from Alzheimer’s in his last few years.

As they tragically lost both their husbands, the sisters made a big decision.

They decided to move to Florida together. The sisters now live in a mobile home park and get around to the church, grocery store, and senior citizen events with the help of friends and kind neighbors.

“Edy is more quiet, and Norma is the chatty one,” their neighbor Margaret Shaffer shared. “If you take them to a restaurant, Norma is gone — she has to get up and talk to everyone. But they both light up the room.”

The sisters claim they have a strong telepathic connection. Edy could feel that Norma was sick. And when Norma would think of calling her sister, the phone would immediately ring.

For their 100th birthday, 50 people flew into St. Petersburg in December 2021.

“We couldn’t be without each other,” Norma said.

“We came together, we go together,” Edy said.

“I’d do anything for Edy,” Norma added.” She’s my everything.”

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