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Woman Forbidden To Become A Singer By Dad Wins Grammy Award At 95 — Her Grandson Fulfilled Her Dream

A woman put her dreams of becoming a singer on hold to honor her strict father’s wishes. Decades later, she became a Grammy-award-winning star, and it was all because of her devoted grandson.

Angela Alvarez was born with musical gifting. However, she never had the chance to use her talents globally. Her father forbade her from studying music, and she ended up working in an industry where she lacked passion.

Despite the closed doors, she continued writing songs secretly and went from being a bank cleaner in Colorado to a victorious musical sensation. Her inspiring story proves that age is just a number when it comes to achieving one’s dreams.

She Worked as a Cleaner in America
Angela married, had kids, and immigrated from Cuba to the United States as a young woman. She made a living as a cleaner, and while it wasn’t her greatest desire, she did it to provide for her family.

She found happiness and continued writing songs and singing for her loved ones. She remembered her dad’s stern words that she could only sing for her family but not for the world. While she respected his opinion, time would prove him wrong.

At the age of 95, Angela was nominated for a Latin Grammy for her first album. The category was fitting and sent a powerful message to the world.

She Always Loved Music
Before Angela’s life took an unexpected and incredible turn, she experienced many low moments, losing her husband in 1977 and her daughter in 1999. She learned to cherish the small joys and was grateful for her many memories with her beloved family. She shared:

“I loved music very much. When I was a child, I had two aunts that played the piano and taught me how to sing. Whenever there was a family gathering, I was the artist; they made dresses for me, and I always liked to perform.”

Her Grandson’s Surprising Idea
Angela’s grandson, Carlos Jose Alvarez, became a composer and recalled his grandmother’s beautiful voice and songs. She often sang in their home, and her talent was unmissable.

As Carlos developed his skills in the industry, he started thinking about his grandmother and dreamed about recording her music. He wanted to preserve her songs for future family members, and when he approached her with the idea, she was excited.

He was stunned when he heard his grandmother’s music, expressing that he didn’t know her songs were a diary of her past experiences. He added:

“You can hear the life she has lived in her singing.”

The Beginning of Something Big
Angela had a collection of about 50 songs, and once her grandson flew her out to Los Angeles to record in the studio, they started making magic together. Angela also starred in a film, “Father Of The Bride,” which was only the beginning of her roaring success.

Carlos also involved Cuban-American actor Andy Garcia. He made a documentary called “Miss Angela” about the grandmother’s life. Speaking about the project, Carlos shared:

“Nana’s story is finally ready to share with the world. My wish is that this project inspires others to sit down with their elders and ask them to share thier story, to share the dreams they once had. They have so much wisdom, so much to teach us.. and it will all leave with them if we don’t ask.”

She Made History
The talented singer hoped her determination to achieve her dreams would inspire others and encourage them to keep trying. At the age of 95, Angela was nominated for a Latin Grammy for her first album. The category was fitting and sent a powerful message to the world.

At her age, Angela was nominated for Best New Artist. In November 2022, the winner of the coveted award was announced, and Angela made Latin Grammy history. Angela won and became the oldest singer to be nominated and win in the category.

She Dedicated the Award to Her Grandson
The woman was overwhelmed and emotional as she accepted the award on stage. In her speech, she said:

“My grandson was the one who helped me get to where I am now. I want to dedicate this award to God and my homeland Cuba, [which] I will never forget.”

Her grandson also added that being recognized at her age was “gold” and made them feel like they won on every level. He hoped other grandkids would take time to engage with their grandparents and discover their long-lost dreams.

The Online Community Was in Awe of the Singer
Netizens were shocked and inspired by Angela’s unique story. She never lost her passion for music, even when she had to hide it from her father. For decades she carried the dream in her heart, which paid off.

Her positive attitude resonated with many people, young and old. They thanked her for setting such an incredible example and congratulated her on the fantastic honor she received:

“Congratulations! How wonderful to be able to do what she is able to do at age 95. That is amazing! I would love to be able to hear her sing.”

– (Helen Tagge) November 19, 2022

“I heard her singing last night on the show, and she was wonderful… Never too old to follow your dreams.”

– (Jan Lowery) November 22, 2022

“Her voice is awesome, and definitely deserved to win this award. It was a long time coming. Congratulations.”

– (Rosalind Bruton) November 29, 2022

“Excellent! We are only as limited by our age as we allow ourselves to be. Never allow anyone to define who you are based on age.”

– (Savannah Jackson) December 11, 2022

Carlos opened up a world of opportunity by taking an interest in his grandma and giving her more than she dreamed. Well done to the kind and caring grandson.

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