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Woman Raises $116,000 for 71-Year-Old Delivery Driver Working 2 Jobs So He Can Finally Retire

One man from Idaho in his seventies was holding down two jobs to make ends meet when he crossed paths with a TikToker who changed his life moving forward.

Anabelle Grace Stephens’ year started unexpectedly. DoorDash dropped off her parcel, and thanks to her door camera, she saw the sweet man responsible for delivering her food safely, Kerry Judd.

Stephens, 21, was stunned because Judd was older than she had anticipated, and he was noticeably inching his way up her steps. She posted the brief clip of the man on TikTok, unaware of what would happen next.

The Heartbreaking Reality
Stephens’ January 2022 video quickly gained millions of views. The footage featured Judd dropping off food, and while the scene was simple, it made many people emotional.

Judd’s wife passed away in 2011, and their family fell on hard times. Working as a security guard and a DoorDasher earning about $2.50 per delivery, the older adult had no hopes of retiring.
The online community wanted to know more about the elderly delivery man, hoping he was working because he wanted to and not because he needed to. Sadly, the heartbreaking reality was something nobody wanted to hear.

Kerry Judd. | Source:

Kerry Judd. | Source:

He Worked despite Illness
Judd was a 71-year-old man working tirelessly to survive and pay his bills. He also suffered from health issues that didn’t make his life any easier. Despite his ailments, he did what he could to provide for his loved ones.

Stephens was determined to find out more about the man and help him in any way possible. The TikToker located her DoorDasher and couldn’t believe he was holding down two jobs to support himself and his two children.

Kerry Judd. | Source:

Kerry Judd. | Source:

Retirement Was Not Possible
Judd’s wife passed away in 2011, and their family fell on hard times. Working as a security guard and a DoorDasher earning about $2.50 per delivery, the older adult had no hopes of retiring.

But that changed thanks to Stephens. She created a GoFundMe page for him, and by December 12, more than $116,000 had been donated! On the fundraising page, Stephens wrote:

“[He] really is a hard-working guy working two jobs, trying to make ends meet, and still raising older children. He is funny and sweet. Lets help this man quit at least one of his jobs!!!!”

The Viral Video Changed His Life
With the money, Judd could pay his bills, settle some loans, and start buying his first-ever home. While he still needed many items and more aid before he could settle into a comfortable retirement, he was able to stop working as a delivery man.

While he enjoyed sharing his experience with DoorDash, he was ready to move on and slow down. Thanks to the viral clip, Judd’s life was changed forever.

Stephens even met Judd for a special dinner, and he couldn’t thank her enough. The TikToker didn’t simply sit back and enjoy her online fame. Instead, she used it for the betterment of another person. We can all learn something from her actions!

Annabelle Grace Stephens. | Source: Grace Stephens. | Source:

The Online Response
Netizens responded to the viral video of Judd with passion and determination. Many wanted to help, and thousands donated money, hoping their contributions would grant the man the retirement he deserved.

Someone on Judd’s GoFundMe page also noted that “he deserves to enjoy the remaining years of his life with loved ones, not working.” Others thanked Stephens for her selflessness:

“God bless you, young lady! The world needs more like you! I hope Kerry could improve his life w/ the money and stop working for others.”

When a community comes together, beautiful things happen. In Judd’s case, the caring online community banded together to give him desperately needed assistance.

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